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Congress Exclaimed Sapna Chaudhray Joined party on her denial

March 24, 2019 15:21:31

According to the reports, Haryanvi Singer and dancer denies that she didn’t join the Congress party in a press conference. Soon after that, a confronting truth discloses by Narendra Rathi, member of Congress that she signed the form and became the member of Congress.

The evidence was shown by Narendra Rathi.

She also exclaimed in the press conference that she doesn’t even use the twitter account, but soon after she became the member of Congress and at midnight there were tweets in the name of her account thanking Congress.

There were many tweets related to her be in Congress or not

Which one is the truth is hard to believe. Is Sapna Chaudhary hiding something? Or Congress is revealing the truth that Sapna is denying? Will Sapna Chaudhary going accept that she is the member of Congress party? Or there is something more? What is the real truth can only be revealed by Sapna and Congress party? Stay Tuned for more updates!!!!

SOURCE: Internet, thelallantop
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