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Some Pictures Which Will Remind You of Your School Days

April 26, 2019 06:22:02

The school life is just synonymous to the happiest life.

School life taught us beautiful lessons for life ….

The happiest phase of innocent hearts and free minds

A life where we knew no bounds and differences, we only knew to be happy in our own ways

Undoubtedly school life holds a very special place in our heart.

here are some pictures which will remind you of your school days and will leave a beautiful smile on your beautiful face.

Every Teacher Ever 

This is the worst class I have seen ever class A is far better than you

How it feels

when your best friend is absent in the class

School Life

Some moment that are irritating, difficult etc.

Best Excuse of school life

I have done the homework, But i forgot my notebook at home.

Not Only Classrooms

Even those bus journey holds thousands of memories.

SOURCE: Quora, Internet
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